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Under The Weather

Under The Weather

My throat tickles and I have a general feeling of unwellness. I cannot be sick, I don’t have time to be sick. My thoughts flash to the previous day, I felt so exhausted yesterday. I told myself last night, “you’re going to crash soon.” Now […]

Word Whiplash

Word Whiplash

Careful what you say Don’t get cut on my edges For all the games you play There are always consequences   You’ll get cut on my edges My dialect is sharper than knives There will be consequences Ramifications, none survive   My tongue is sharper […]

When I’m a bitch

When I’m a bitch

I know I’m on edge, easily irritable

You don’t know what I’m up against

From pain my focus won’t steer

Split in half at my most intimate parts


You don’t know what I’m up against

Today I must bare my agony to a stranger

Split in half at my most intimate parts

The raw ache coursing through me


Today I must bare my pain to a stranger

Liquid emotion glides down my cheek

The raw ache coursing through me

Unsure to what extent I can be brave


Liquid emotion glides down my cheek

From pain my focus won’t steer

Unsure to what extent I can be brave

I know I’m on edge, easily irritable

An Attempt to Heal Through Food

An Attempt to Heal Through Food

Interstitial Cystitis -an autoimmune xxperience, I flare, pelvic floor tension, low back and hip pain – all engulf my body much more frequently than I’d like. Some days I am able to manage symptoms, but at other times they are terribly unbearable. Sensations  to the […]

I Eat My Anxiety

I Eat My Anxiety

Pleasure amplified, and pain dulled, all with hand to mouth action. The step I take to procrastinate and feel good about doing so is eating. Stuffing my face until I’m painfully full. Filled and overflowing with food to the point where only sleep or vomit […]

Kombucha (Part 3) – The Process

Kombucha (Part 3) – The Process

How to make a continuous brew (1st and 2nd ferment) Part 3


What you need:

2 ½ gallon glass jugs & 2 ½ Gallon resealable bottles (glass is important, its your friend’s home!)

6 480 ml Glass jars or bottles, if they have a tight seal that’s best so they can get fizzy during 2nd stage.

Cheese Cloth

1 inch chunk of ginger ½ a lemon (this is the flavor I choose, you can really use any fruit)

Fruits, herbs, flavored teas. Endless opportunity to flavor. See more on flavroing here:

Pure cane sugar unaltered and natural (from sprouts or natural grocers, the kind matters)

Filtered safe water:

According to fox news, water you can trust


Starting from scratch:

You can go on Amazon and buy a scoby for around 7 bucks.

Or find someone who makes it to get a scoby from, each batch makes a new one.

The Process:

Clean carefully - Apple cider vinegar and hot water only

PH levels? You can test these however I haven’t been.

Don’t cover with anything other than organic cheese cloth. They’ve gotta have a good environment to be the beneficial critters you need. No paper towels! (God only knows what goes into the making of those.)

Get yourself a scoby from a friend who has a mother, or get setup online with a first batch starter kit.

The process of bottling: I found some pop top type bottles at Target and just use those for me 2nd fermentation and put it in the fridge. Really you’re looking for anything airtight. My mom recycles store bought kombucha jars for her brews.

When you’re ready to swap batches:

Ready made Kombucha = The batch you’ve had fermenting for 1 week.

Pitcher = New Batch To Bottle and 2nd Ferment.

Pot =  New batch to ferment for a week with your scoby.

Before starting:

Check the top of the scoby and make sure it looks good.

Blue or red fuzz can be a bad sign. Avoid fuzz or crazy colors.

Keeping a continuous brew:

6 -12 hours before you swap out batches:

#1 Brew 16 cups Fresh Green or Black Tea (12 tea bags) for 10 minutes

#2 Add 1 cup natural sugar after you remove from heat.

#3 Let Fresh Tea cool to room temperature. (At least 4-6 hours away from heat.)

#4 Take 6 cups and add to a pitcher

#5 Grate your 1 inch chunk of ginger, squeeze 1 lemon & grate a little peel into the pitcher.

#6 Blend your Pitcher. (bottle this)

#7 in a large empty pot add your fresh tea to 6 cups of ready made Kombucha. (Add your Friends Back In your ½ gallon jars and set aside to ferment)


Flavoring and fizzing:

#1 set friends aside.

#2 Use your fresh brewed tea. Gather 6 cups in a pitcher. (leave the other 10 cups in a pot)

#3 Grate your 1 inch chunk of ginger, squeeze 1 lemon & grate a little peel.

#4 Ad your flavorings in your pitcher of fresh tea and blend your Pitcher. (I use my ninja 16 oz cup and blend that with some of  fresh tea, the pitcher blender leaked but this one seals tight.) This is the first fermentation. You can drink at this stage.

#5 Combine pitcher contents with half your ready made kombucha (the stuff from the half gallon jug, leave the rest alone, you'll add fresh unflavored tea to this to start the 1st fermentation stage again) in bottles and leave on counter for 2nd fermentation, this creates carbonations if left out for 2-3 days (you may want to let pressure out daily to make sure your bottles don’t explode)  Less fermentation/fizzy put in fridge right away.

#6 You can strain out chunks and put in the fridge after 2-3 days. A whole batch this size should be consumed in 1-2 weeks after fridging.


Restarting 1st fermentation: (Make sure this batch stays unflavored)

#1 Add 6 cups ready made kombucha to your 10 cups of fresh tea  in the pot.

#2 In a large empty pot where  your 10 cups of fresh tea (what’s left of the unflavored) to 6 cups of ready made Kombucha.

#3 Put your unflavored  pot contents back into your ½ gallon jugs and add your friends.  

#4 Cover you jar with your scoby and top with cheese cloth, organic. Not paper towels because any particles can fuck with it.

#5 Leave your friends out on the counter in your kitchen away from a place that’ll disturb them for 7-10 days and heat changes will be minimal. Sort of like a funky sea monkey tank but it’s a funky bacteria tank of fermenting tea. (darker may be better)

#6 Wish it well. Give it good healing vibes.

#7 Ferment 7-10 days or it’ll start to taste more vinegar. Longer means higher acid content.

#8 After 7 days, swap batches and bottle new. This is the first fermentation. You can drink at this stage.

If it tastes too vinegary, you let it ferment too long. I let one 1st stage fermentation go 11 days and it ended up super vinegar-ish so I scrapped that batch, used ½ cup of the previous batch at 5 days in stage one and started a whole new batch. For me 7 days is golden. Every Sunday I make my juices and kombucha.  

Congratulations! You survived reading about me making kombucha. It’s been a hell of an experience and challenged me to add a new routine. It has created some drink variety for me and I believe after several weeks truly changed my gut health for the better.


Fermented apple out,

K. Sullivan

Kombucha (Part 2) – What is it?

Kombucha (Part 2) – What is it?

What is Kombucha? A fermented beverage containing beneficial bacteria in the form of yeast. According to, “The first recorded use of kombucha comes from China in 221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty. It was known as “The Tea of Immortality”. It has been used […]

Kombucha (Part 1) – My Experience

Kombucha (Part 1) – My Experience

You see it in grocery stores and gas stations, you hear it floating around as a healthy. It’s a fermented food option to help restore good gut microbes; it’s Kombucha. My experience with making my own Kombucha: I’ve spent the past year immersed in listening […]

High Functioning Anxiety.

High Functioning Anxiety.

High Functioning, Anxiety.

The trouble with suffering through high functioning anxiety

Is believing that all your flustered feelings are your own fault

You’re less, being less productive than your expectations expect.

Further troubling is the inability to realize your own limits

As the belief that you should be limitless rests in your core

All the while nagging, reminding you of your shortcomings.

You believe you’re capable of greatness, of being extra in the

World of ordinary. What you forget is that you’re human

Riddled with flaws and imperfections that speak volumes

To who you are and what you’ve experienced and yet

You don’t accept them. You fight them off with tense lies.

You hunch your shoulders, you type faster, you fill the seconds

Of your days with to dos. Your mind is made of lists.

Lists of ways you should be better. Lists of tasks you’ve yet to do.

Lists of ways to improve. Always learning and you're never enough.

Filling your mind with should dos and musts, creating

A surreal world in which you wish to make real.

Stifle those emotions, pocket that feeling for later.

High functioning anxiety means the world views you

As a success while looking beyond the messy messed

Up real version that is you. The about to crumble into a

Lump of I can’t you. The you that is on the verge of tears

At the thought of all you’d like to accomplish while being

Smacked with realization that you have limits. You require

A routine, self care, breaks and sleep. You’re not

Perfect in a superhuman sense. You’re perfectly imperfect

And fighting your own imperfections with keeping busy.

You’re functioning, you’re on a path that’s yours.

All the while you’re shaking from fear, anxiously

Nibbling away at the core of your being. You’re stressed.

You won’t let them see you fall apart as long as

You, your hands, your lists keep you in motion.

You ignore the downtime you scheduled in your

Calendar because you’re not ready to break, down.

Keep functioning, set the bar high. Keep doing more.

Keep an everlasting list of busy to avoid thinking.

Manage your anxiety by micromanaging your managing.

Chew your lip while you poor your conscious onto

A rough draft of your blank slated brain. Be you but

Be better. Don’t be good, be your best. Be THE best.

Just keep doing, keep being High Functioning Anxiety. 

Unavoidable Change

Unavoidable Change

Each moment brings with it the prospect of change. When I was first diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, my urologist informed me, “You have a disease you’ll now have for life but you’ll manage, you won’t die from this but it will require changes in your […]