I Have Belief

I Have Belief

I do not believe I am the center of the universe; but then again, neither are you.

I do believe that there is an energy, perhaps entity, greater than me. I believe there are forces at play that I cannot see with my humble, human, untrained sight. I do not believe that energy, or even an entity, should be used as a shield and rationale for judgement or lashing out at another human and their choices.

I wouldn't align myself with any specific religion. I am always seeking my own spiritual connection through exploration of self and religious texts, history, discussion with my friends or peers, and theology. So I ask, should we be making this a high priority in everyday life?

I do not believe a person has the right to tell another person anything. Suggestions, ideas and thoughts can be shared, but not dictated. I, and only I, need to search within myself and explore the world around me to have a deeper understanding of life and find my meaning and my purpose. Mine are solely mine, as yours belong to you. If I endeavor to share, seek connections, and ask for feedback, that is my choice.

Adversity is no reason to be cruel. We have all been exposed to hurt, challenges, suffering or pain.

Miracles can happen based on perception and belief - the source of the miracle is debatable, but ultimately it comes down to the decision to believe.

There’s deeper layers to this existence that we don’t always see. We could be in a marble sized child’s toy, a diorama, or storybook.

We were created - born - life somehow breathed into us. Generations after generations have and will seek the why and the how. No one human could understand the depths of our existence in one lifetime.

Whether you seek to understand what you might call your Godly father, the Great Spirit’s goodness that exists within everything, or the entities that reign over different aspects of your being, it is not up to someone else to choose it for you. You get to decide your own set of beliefs. However, this only happens with introspection as much as observation, research, and the ability to ask “why?”. Nobody else can tell you the truths you feel within your bones.

I believe in a creator greater than myself; a being beyond our narrow computing abilities and just outside our perception.

I do believe in science, but also the raw fact that we have to feel something in our own bodies to know it as true.

There will always be a need for more math, or chemistry, or biology and another layer of the mystery to uncover understanding. I think we all have innate intelligence, and are able to tap into it at varying levels depending on our current life state and circumstances. I also believe intelligence alone has so many different subcategories and not all of them can be measured with IQ.

Don’t we all deserve individual guidance and a will to discover our own inner workings? On some level we all have our own flavor of intellect. How else can we uncover our true potential? Our purpose? Our needs?

So why does education and organized religion insist on a specific way and standardization? Aren’t we all created slightly differently, yet gifted to share our experiences, our space, and ourselves as we intend?

I see power corrupting. I see the tethers of monetary love holding us all back. I see labels creating complacent boxes and narrow tunnels of options and views.

The world is vast, and most misunderstood, as are you. It’s up to each of us to seek truth. At the very foundation of who I am, all I ever want is to be understood, and to understand the happenings and people around me.

There has to be fundamental truth - though shades of perception will cloud our ability to see each other fully.

I will continue to believe in me as I believe in you all the while I’ll seek these truths.

Love you, love your fellow apples, because we’re all a little sweet and we’re all a little rotten.

Apple out,
K. Sullivan

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