The Cycle Continues

The Cycle Continues

How To Change Death By Menstruation

“I’m dying of being a girl”, was my monthly catch phrase from the very first cycle I ever had at age 16. I remember being spoon fed Vicodin as a last ditch effort to at least sleep and missing school 3 days every month. My Mom took me to our family doctor, who instantly put me on birth control, which had little to no effect. For 15 years I basically ate fist fulls of Tylenol and at times where I felt desperate,  had a muscle relaxer when I could use to allow myself a break, some sleep, a way to cope with unbearable pain for 3 days.

If you’ve read my previous post, “I’m Dying of Being A Girl.” serious catch phrase. You’ll be acquainted with my present circumstances. As I’ve aged, my period went from tear filled nights and days once a month as my uterus redecorated, to full blown body breakdown with all systems on fire.

A routine of heat, Epsom salt baths, magnesium supplements and crying isn’t getting me those days I miss from work, or my life, back. They barely even take the edge off.

I’ve talked to many a primary care physician and OB GYN about my heavy flow and 3 days of horrific guaranteed to be filled with searing pain that, as of 28 years of age, seemed to be a system wide spasm - not just a uterus tantrum. I’ve also talked to my natural health care practitioners who’ve recommended a progesterone cream, which I’ve started, along with further dietary adjustments.

After much of my journey through healing my body naturally and the course of my research, I’ve developed the belief that as women, our cycle gives our bodies another organ to use for detox and the heavier your flow/pain load the more toxic your body is. I can tell you that working through my gut health I’ve had changes in pain at times, some months less unbearable than others. I believe those months I’ve had less pain, diet was heavily involved. I removed things like gluten and diary, and a whole array of other so called foods, with the idea in mind that while cleaning up my gut an awesome side effect could be I’d have a slightly easier cycle (easier meaning I didn’t wake up puking 3 times a night for 3 straight days while my legs felt a blaze with pins and needles).

I intend to alter my diet and gut health until I find whatever niche my body needs to have balanced hormones and minimal discomfort for me during my monthly cycle. I have to believe this is possible. I know how out of whack all of me has been and that the IC is a big red flag for toxic overload and imbalanced gut. I wish I’d listened to other warning signs and I don’t believe birth control is the answer for girls.

Some other sources have stated a diet heavy in fat and sugar can lead to uncomfortable menstruation. I’m removing coconut oil, all nut butters and sugar in an attempt to rid my body once and for all of the ways it wishes to torture me for wanting a dopamine rush of something tasty. Goodbye grain alternatives (already removed so much being on the AIP Diet and IC diet and Low FODMAP diet and how much more can a person remove?), and “peace out” to anything left fun and tasty. I’ll have to work on my headspace around these changes, but relief from agony is worth a diet of broccoli, carrots, arugula, kale and grass fed beef. Bring it on!

Do you have any suggestions on all natural pain relief options for your mensi monster? Help me out and leave your suggestions in the comments section!

Wish me luck in my bod endeavors Apples; I feel I’ll need it this time.

Apple out,






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