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My Mom always told me, “Normal is just a setting on a washing machine.” I’m not crazy, though at times I feel out of my mind.   That doesn’t mean the experiences I’m having aren’t common in other people too. I have spent the past year […]

I Eat My Anxiety

I Eat My Anxiety

Pleasure amplified, and pain dulled, all with hand to mouth action. The step I take to procrastinate and feel good about doing so is eating. Stuffing my face until I’m painfully full. Filled and overflowing with food to the point where only sleep or vomit […]

Turn Auto Pilot Off

Turn Auto Pilot Off

Starting this New Year asking questions like...

How automatic are you in your day, in your life? How do you respond to the world around you?

What patterns do you have?

Do you compromise yourself physically with repetitive trauma, like carrying groceries in the same single hand and keys in the other every time you go to the grocery store? Or a baby on the same hip?

What about your mental habits? Where’s your head at? What are you consuming through television and social media? How often are you participating in the negative self talk conflict going on between your ears?

Are you in touch with what your body's needs? Do you listen to it when it’s asking for water, motion or rest? Are you able to determine how different foods affect your mood? What goes into your mouth out of routine, convenience and ignorance?

What words are coming out of it because of compulsion?

Where are you with your goals, your successes, your desires and your self worth going into the new year? How are you going to assess what to do to make yourself the best version of you it can be going into 2018?

You don’t have to wait until the new year to start making small changes. If you’re looking for a time to step up and start your best life ever, why not make it now?

I changed my life this last year, I completely altered my diet, I made self care an actual routine and effort. I restored my faith in myself and my abilities to prevail. I’m still really fair from where I’d like to be: healed, at peace and wise. However, I’m much further than I was when I was fighting change instead of embracing it. For me, my new year will hopefully bring further spiritual assessment, connecting with the earth and myself on a mental, physical and emotional level. I want to be my own advocate and friend more. I’d like to be kinder and less exhausted by stress and anxiety. I’m meeting myself where I’m at. Making goals lists and returning to them daily. I’m learning new discipline for study and self habits. I’m reading more and zoning out less. I’m embracing the changes coming and willingly accepting life as it unfolds each moment.

I’d recommend, you get your yourself a mind health read (or listen) on.  Authors like Brene Brown (My sister suggested her) and David Burns (my psychologist recommended), for an adventure in self discovery and emotional healing. Or take advantage of all the free resources on YouTube, Tony Robins, Les Brown, TedX speakers, free Audible options... etc. There's unlimited free resources I'm going to work harder at taking advantage of. 

Succeeding at your goals, whatever size require commitment, small changes, patience, and time. Give yourself those things and you’ll be successful. The snowball effect will help keep your momentum going.

It’s up to you to decide to improve yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Take charge of where your life is going and your body in the new year.

Get your mind right get your body right. Set your habits straight and be your best self. I believe in you.

This apple is eagerly jumping into the new year!

Apple Out 2017,

K. Sullivan