You Are What You…

You Are What You… eat.

If we listen to this old adage, it raises the question, So what are you? Tacos? Cheeseburgers? Veggies? Donuts? Self hate? Attempting perfectionism?

On a cellular level you really are how you’re nourished. If you’re feeding your cells sugar, GMO,’re toxic, sluggish, and weighed down.

You are what you ingest, this includes visual and mental nourishment too.Whatever is making its way into your conscious thought, is only a portion of what you’re ingesting. Your subconscious is absorbing everything: your environment, the background music and images.

These shape how you view yourself and your self-worth. If you’re feeding yourself gansta rap and hip hop constantly - will bitches ever be anything other than bitches?*

If you’re obsessed with Vogue and other fashion magazines, how can you see your own shape as healthy and whole, just as it is?

Face deep in sugar is basically asking your system to rebel against you slowly, and with extreme agony.

Do you feed yourself a playback real of your past? You know those times or that one person that’s no longer in your life. Regrets? Ever feed yourself your own story of regret?

Take a good look at your own life and see where your sadness comes from. I know I’m looking at mine with the intent being to enrich the parts of my life that maybe I’m feeding myself too much negativity. Is it music? Movies? Magazines? A story you tell yourself? How can you incorporate some happiness in more?

I’m tracking my food going into this year to better understand what my body needs to function optimally.

Furthermore, I’m tracking my mental/emotional state so I can piece together what nonsense I’m feeding myself in order to ensure it’s all organic and stimulating my cells and soul in just the right way.

What you put into your body, mind, and spirit matters deeply. As it’s directly reflected in your body.


Take care of yourselves apples,

K. Sullivan


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